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"The travel industry is exploding with opportunity and is expected to be the number one contributor to the U.S. gross national product within the very near future. Airlines, cruise lines, hotels, resorts and other travel infrastructure are growing at an unprecedented rate and the common thread between all of the growth is distribution. Suppliers are looking toward the retail travel agent community to create the future demand necessary to continue the growth and prosperity.

At the same time, trends within the travel industry are evolving a network of home-based travel agents and their host agency partners. With the Internet came the opportunity for niche specialization for thousands of travel agents and their host agency partners. Today, a home-based travel professional can expect to make an excellent living.

as reported by:

National Association of Commissioned Travel Agents

Atlas Tour and Travel offers a program for experienced and NON experienced individuals desiring to work from home and own their own Home-Based Travel Agency Business. The ONLY cost is $125 initially per agent, then $100 thereafter annually for the required Travel Industry Professional Liability Policy insurance coverage. Atlas rewards are generated ONLY as your business prospers. That's what motivates us to strive our very best to help you quickly grow "Your" Travel Business. Atlas is currently located in 46 States including Hawaii, and Canada serving the Atlas Network of more than 350 Homebased Travel Agents via its support services as a Host Travel Agency. Please call or Email us at any time. We would love to discuss with you your future in the Travel Industry as the owner of Your Own Home Based Travel Agency. Again ! Atlas succeeds ONLY as you do! That's one of the many things that differentiates Atlas from the other Host Travel Agencies offering similar programs.



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We at Atlas wish you the very best in your search for the right home based business opportunity. The Atlas program offers Travel Industry Career opportunities for individuals that have or have not attended Travel Agent School. The current trend in the Travel Industry is toward the Home Office Travel Agency. This is providing exciting, enjoyable and rewarding jobs at home without the expenses of the traditional Store Front Travel Agency. Independent Agents own and operate their very own home-based business. The "Challenge" is for you to associate with a legitimate, properly focused and capable Host Travel Agency. We highly recommend that you do extensive research into all home-based business opportunities that interest you. If at any time, You decide that as an Independent Agent the Travel Industry provides the challenges, opportunities and benefits you are seeking, Please consider talking with us about joining our "Atlas Travel Team" !