With Atlas Tour and Travel you OWN and operate your own Travel Business. You operate under the license and bonds of a fully certified Host Travel Agency and you do not need the two years experience in the industry to be accredited. You can name your business anything you would like and you can offer every service a store front travel agency offers.

You run your business from your home so there is very little overhead, and you receive the lions share of the commissions. Atlas has 3 different programs from which you can choose. Each has itís own unique commission structure and will allow you to earn the commission you deserve!


The Atlas Bronze Plan is designed for the travel agent that is just starting out in the business. This allows you full access to all of the support of the experienced Atlas team here. Atlas pays independent agents starting under this plan at 60% with opportunities to even increase from there. A simple comparison shows the difference:

The average store front travel agency pays a minimum of 6% of a sale to overhead and operating expenses.

Carnival Cruise Lines is one of the largest cruise lines in the world and they pay any travel agency a 10% commission.

For the sake of discussion let's say a store front agency sells a Carnival Cruise to a couple totaling $2000. The agency would receive a commission of $200. After paying 6% of the sale in costs and overhead ( 6% X $2000 = $ 120 ) the agency nets $80.

What would happen if you sold that very same cruise as an Atlas Independent Agency owner. First of all, the Atlas organization does a tremendous volume of business with Carnival Cruise Lines. Carnival may pay us a 17% commission on that very same cruise ( $340 ). You as an Independent Agent receive 60% of that commission ( $204 ), and with the exception of your telephone costs, you have none of the overhead expenses. And on larger volumes of business with other Cruise Lines they can pay up to 19% commissions to Atlas which results in even larger profits. We call these increased commissions beyond the standard commissions ( 10% normally ) Overrides. With Atlas you get commission on the Overrides as well. Many agencies pay their agents 30% commissions but they do not pay on the overrides. Atlas does!

In business it is not how much you make, but rather how much you keep.

Store Front Travel Agency = $80 ----- Atlas Independent Agent = $204


The Atlas Silver Plan is designed for the travel agent who has more experience in the business and is ready to move forward with little assistance needed from the host agency. By reducing the support time that we have to spend with these agents we are able to pass more of the commission back on to you the Atlas Independent Agency owner. Under this plan we are paying you the Atlas Independent Agency Owner 70% of the commission received from the supplier. Using the example above this would net $238.

Under this plan you would be responsible for entering all of your own sales within the Sabre system. You would use the MySabre professional system from Sabre. This is offered by Sabre at an initial cost of $195 then $45 per month plus tax. You are billed by Sabre for this monthly fee.


The Atlas Gold Plan is designed for the experienced travel agent who deals in a lot of volume and does not require any support from the host agency. Under this plan you receive the largest starting commission with Atlas. You would again use the full professional MySabre system provided by Sabre but under this plan it is provided to you by Atlas at no additional cost. You will receive a full 80% of the commission received from the suppliers. Under this plan there is a monthly fee charged by Atlas to you in the amount of $199. Any month in which your commission amount exceeds $2500 this fee will be waived. Simply earned over $2500 in commission in one month and using the above example would net a commission to you in the amount of $272


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