A key element from Atlas is your CRS ( Computer Reservation System ). This is the software system that you work with on your home computer. There are four major CRS systems in use in the travel industry. They are APOLLO, SYSTEM ONE, WORLD SPAN and SABRE. These are the only true reservation systems. Anything else you might have seen on the Internet or one of the online services is a scheduling system and simply can not be used by a professional travel agent.

Airline flight information, fares and schedules can literally change thousands of times a day. Reservation systems are "Real Time" systems. In other words, the information you are working with is up to the minute and accurate. When you are working on the system you are looking at flight availability and booking information. When you make a reservation you change, in Real Time, the available seats and fares for that flight. A scheduling system simply gives schedule information. If you make a booking on a scheduling system you are dealing with old information and you may not, in reality, have a confirmed reservation.

We have chosen SABRE, the largest and most commonly used CRS system in the world. We start you with the MySABRE version. The real beauty of this system is that you can learn this system in a very short period of time. In fact, with a couple days of Self paced home training and a good weekend of practice you should be proficient on the system. MySABRE now provides a Point & Click Windows interface. This will only increase the ease of operating this version of Sabre. Other systems take up to six weeks of class time to learn. That is usually what happens in travel agent school.

Also this system is Internet based which really reduces the cost. Many other systems including even some of the other Sabre versions implement a usage charge by the minute. These can really add up fast, especially when you first begin and are somewhat inexperienced on the system. There are a lot of differences in the CRS systems.

A self paced online home training course in available for MySABRE. If you require/desire additional training with the MySABRE product there are training sessions conducted in all major metropolitan areas. This additional training is available through Sabre free of charge and conducted by SABRE professionals. With MySABRE on your home computer you are guaranteed :


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