Your Agreement with Atlas Tour and Travel places your Travel Company under the license and bonds of one of the largest growing groups of Independent Travel Agents in the country. With this tremendous buying power, one of two things generally happen :

1- You will market the same travel packages as your competitors at a lower price -or-

2- You will market the same travel packages and receive a higher commission.

Atlas will provide printing and distribution ( either to you or your clients ) all the airline tickets and travel documents required for your client to travel.

Your travel agency will utilize the IATA, CLIA, and ARC numbers for Atlas Tour and Travel. Remember, travel suppliers can only pay commissions to an authorized agency number.

With Atlas all the documentation and reporting requirements will be provided to the regulating agencies that allow the commissions to be paid on the travel you book. Atlas will collect commissions paid by suppliers for travel by your clients and distribute your commissions to you on a monthly basis.


ARC - Airline Reporting Corporation

This is a privately owned airline association which functions as an overseer of United States passenger travel. Its main purpose is to improve service to the air traveler and regulate the sale and distribution of airline tickets through the travel agencies which it approves. Each approved agency receives an 8-digit number called an ARC number, which appears on all airline documents the agency issues. All monies for airline documents are reported and paid for weekly to the ARC Area Bank, which in turn forwards payment to the airlines.

IATAN - International Air Transport Association Network

This agency serves the same functions on an international scale as the ARC does on a domestic level. It also acts as a payment clearinghouse. To sell International tickets the travel agent must receive authorization from IATAN. This is the one association in which travel agents are most concerned, but only a small number of agencies are accredited due to the very strict personnel, security and financial requirements.


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