In the travel industry we have a wonderful marketing tool we call "OverRides". An override is an incentive or reward given by the travel suppliers to agents for booking with them.

Most Cruise Lines for example will give you a Free cruise with every 15 you sell. You are free to sell this cruise or even take it yourself but there are better ways to use it. If you want to take a cruise we will show you a better way a little later.

A good approach in your marketing strategy for your travel business is to start thinking about who controls certain markets. Here is one example of an effective way to use a cruise override.

If you look in the yellow pages under Bridal Shops or Bridal Consultants you will find a lot of listings. What travel market do these people control ? That's right ...... Honeymooner's.

Why would a bridal shop refer their business to you ? How do you suppose they might respond if you were to tell them that if they send you 8 honeymoon couples you will send them to the Caribbean for 7 days ?

If they send you 16 couples they could get two cruises. One for themselves and perhaps one they might give away to the top sales person in their store. Everybody wins and the Cruises cost you nothing and remember every client should be worth 3 to 4 referrals.

Overrides are also very effective with what we call Pied Pipers. There are hundreds of theme trips or cruises all over the world. One example might be a "BIG BAND" cruise. What market might most be interested in a Big Band cruise. Right again ... .. Senior citizens.

Senior citizens tend to belong to all kinds of social groups and service clubs. The Pied Piper is that one person who is the natural leader or has a lot of influence with their particular group. What better incentive for that person to help you get their group on the cruise than for them to go for free.

Speaking at group functions on travel is also a very effective way to gain influence to these groups. Don't forget the great brochures and travel videos you have at your disposal.

Where would you find people that might be interested in an "Aerobics Cruise"? How about health clubs and gyms. Remember all these places have bulletin boards.

There is even an agent that books Square Dance Clubs on cruises all over the world. The Pied Pipers in this case are the Square Dance callers. They cruise free when their club goes. We have hundreds of other very effective marketing tips, but use your imagination.


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