Your Future in the Travel Industry

Dear Prospective Agent:

Thoughts of traveling from "Bali to Buckingham Palace" have inspired thousands of people to become part of the NUMBER ONE Industry in the world - TRAVEL.

Those of us working in the Travel Industry have always found it to be rewarding and enjoyable.

Travel Agents have always been vital to the industry but like most careers, the financial rewards are limited as long as you work for someone else.

Now it is possible for enterprising entrepreneurs to own their own Home Based Travel Agency Business with an investment that is in almost everyone's price range.

The travel market is vast. Almost everyone travels, whether by airplane, bus or train. They stay in hotels, motels and condominiums. They rent cars, vans and motor homes. They sail on ships from ports all over the world every day.

They travel because they want to and they travel because they have to.

Imagine yourself as a professional Travel Agent with all the freedom and rewards of owning your own business. You will have the opportunity to develop social and business relationships with clients, and they will trust you with their travel arrangements. You will make friends and develop business ties all over the world.

Atlas Tour and Travel as a Host Travel Agency brings together all the key components necessary to achieve resounding success in the travel industry. The Atlas Package is a well designed, carefully constructed program combining years of experience in the travel business with skillful, innovative marketing and sales concepts.

This opportunity is a time tested program with hundreds of success stories. We invite you to join us in the most exciting and rewarding business in the world.


Marsha S. Cropper
Owner / Travel Consultant


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